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PHiLM is a modern and energetic video production company who are plugged into the promotional video market and who bring a wide range of focused skills to every project.

With experience ranging from award winning photography and videography, professional on-screen work honed by years in front of the camera and microphone hosting live TV and radio shows, entertaining large audiences and presenting to the corporate world, we have absolutely everything you need to guarantee that your video projects are of the highest possible standard.

Because we don’t outsource any part of the process, we also control post-production and editing as well as distribution and promotion. In short – PHiLM provides you with the complete A to Z solution when it comes to creating amazing videos to sell your products.


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[toggle title=”The PHiLM Mission”]PHiLM will always strive to provide effective & exceptional quality video at a lower cost and faster delivery than our competition.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”The PHiLM Philosophy”]We don’t impose specific ideas or methodology on our clients. Because we are a media-by-design agency, our product is tailored for you and your business. Because each client is unique and with different goals, by embracing these principles we’re able to deliver premium, specifically tailored media solutions to a wide range of businesses.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”The PHiLM Promise”]Regardless of your budget, we take an in-depth look at your business and communication needs as well as your goals and deadlines to ensure we create the best video strategy for you.

The key to powerful media planning is to keep you ahead of your competition by providing a new, imaginative, and persuasive media perspective for your business.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”On Time & On Budget”]With a proven track record of providing high quality video production on time and on budget, along with a passion for everything we do, the success of your next video project is in good hands with PHiLM.[/toggle]

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[title size=”2″]Liam Madden[/title]
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Meet Liam


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[title size=”2″]Paul Hancock[/title]
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Meet Paul


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sellers say they would always choose an agent who offers video to market their property.”]