HD Video tours save buyers and sellers countless hours in preview appointments and open houses. True video tours provide life-like video walk-throughs of your real estate properties allowing buyers to get a real sense of the property’s scale and flow.

By offering video tours of your listings, you give your clients the means of previewing your listings before they take the next step of scheduling an appointment – saving everyone countless hours in the decision making process.

In truth, buyers who view video tours often take up to three times less the amount of time when making a purchase decision!

Using Video Helps You Rise Above the Competition Online

As we all know pre-qualified buyers are gold! The question is – how are you working to pre-qualify your buyers and at the same time, stand apart from the competition?

Using video is a powerful way for you to identify really interested buyers and also differentiate yourself from other agents online, and can even help you to secure more listings.

As far as sellers are concerned, being able to tell a prospective client that you will have a video tour of their home produced and marketed online is a real incentive for them to list with you, and an even better reason for them to come back!

Real Estate Video Offers SEO Benefits On the Web

Each video tour PHiLM produces and distributes for you online will rise to the top of the most relevant searches in the most relevant engines on the web, wherever your potential clients may be searching online:

  • Search engines like Google will list your video tours as results for targeted organic searches
  • Web video sites will return your video tours as results for searches that match your keywords
  • Podcasting sites like iTunes will index your video podcasts and display them for relevant searches

Our video tour distribution helps to immediately improve your own website’s organic and direct referral traffic from search engines, while presenting your video listings in as many places as possible in order to get them in front of your potential customers.

As you can see, the benefits of video extend well beyond simply providing a better representation of your listings online – they’re an entire web marketing strategy within themselves.