Here at Philm, we work on all sorts of videos. These days, 59% of executives prefer watching video than reading text, yet only 24% of brands are using online videos to market to consumers! Last statistic I promise, using a video on your homepage increases conversion by 80%! What does that mean? Well, not enough people have cottoned on to the power of video. Yet the ones who have are reaping the rewards. Video is a powerful way to tell people visiting your website, Facebook page or office boardroom about who you are.

Corporate video might include a profile video on yourself, or your company. You might use it as an instructional tool, or as a way of answering FAQ’s a little more creatively. There are so many ways you can use video, and here at Philm we not only shoot HD video and produce products our clients love (sorry to brag!), however we also can help with ideas and storyboarding. If you are Sydney based and are looking for an affordable corporate video, give us a call – we’d love to shoot it for you!

Here are a couple of examples of our recent corporate videos: